United Arab Emirates Flower Delivery  
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Flower delivery to homes, offices, hospitals, etc. for all occasions in the United Arab Emirates. NO FRIDAY DELIVERIES. Telephone number required.   NO Same Day orders, please order with 48 business hours anticipation. Delivery charge included, the price shown is the total.

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Bouquet of Seasonal Flowers 

Photo of asst bouquets (15968 bytes)

A lovely variety of seasonal flowers accented with foliage in a traditional style bouquet. Indicate on order form what occasion if any and designer will make more appropriate for the occasion (For ex. for a new baby girl choose Baby girl/designers choice and designer will use pink with mixed pastels). Choose mixed bright colors, pastels colors, or designers choice. Will vary by location.   8 Sizes/ Min. Price USD$48.00, $58.00, $68.00, $78.00, $88.00, $98.00, $108.00, $118.00

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Tone on Tone Bouquet of Seasonal Flowers

tonalbqs.jpg (7316 bytes)   Choose your favorite shade! A lovely selection of mixed seasonal flowers in shades of the color you choose. On the order form you select the color, size of the arrangement  and let us know what occasion if any the flowers are for. Please have a second choice in case first selection is not available. Selection will vary by location and availability.
7 Sizes/ Min. Price USD$48.00, $58.00, $68.00, $78.00, $88.00, $98.00, $108.00

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 Carnation Rainbow Bouquet photo of mixed carnations in a wrapped bouquet

A colorful rainbow of carnations in a wrapped bouquet make a festive and long-lasting floral gift. Price US$49.99

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Photo of asst arrangement styles(8067 bytes)Seasonal Flowers Arranged

A lovely arrangement of seasonal flowers. Indicate on order form what occasion if any and designer will make more appropriate for the occasion. Choose your preferred colors (mixed bright colors, pastels colors, tonal colors, designers choice, etc). Will vary by  your choices, season and location. Min. USD $84.99, $94.99, $104.99, $114.99, $124.99, +

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Orchids in a Vase

photo of orchids in a vaseOrchids are known for their rare exquisite beauty and endurance. Ours are artfully arranged in a vase. First choice of orchids is as shown, but may be substituted for a different variety subject to availability. Vase will vary by location. Price US$88.00

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Sympathy Arrangement photo of traditional sympathy arrangement in yellow and white

A one-sided traditional sympathy arrangement is colors of yellow and white, made with seasonal flowers. Size in photo is standard. Price US$89.99, $109.99, $129.99

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Traditional Funeral Spray Arreglo en Estilo Tripe, colores rojas y blancas (3772 bytes)

A traditional funeral spray in colors of red and white to express your sincere condolences. As you go up in price we add more flowers to make a larger size. Price US $89.99, $99.99, $109.99, $119.99,$129.99, $139.99,$149.99

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Traditional White Funeral Wreathphoto of all white funeral wreath

A traditional white funeral wreath with long-lasting poms and carnations. Price Min. USD$102.99, $157.99, $182.99


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photo of plant garden(11982 bytes)Plant Garden

A plant garden makes a longlasting gift. Will vary by location. Min. Price USD$74.99, $94.99, $114.99,$134.99

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Will vary by location, photos are representative of the type of bouquets/gifts and are not exact. In many small towns and more remote areas flowers can be limited, the florist will do all possible to make the best possible arrangement but subsitutions may be necessary.


FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Prices shown are in which currency?  The prices shown are in U.S. Dollars.

2. Why is there more than one price showing? The prices shown reflect different sizes. You can choose on the order form which size and price you would prefer. Size shown in photo is Standard

3. Why is there more than one picture on the same flower arrangement? This shows the variety of flowers, colors, sizes or styles that this item may come in. You can choose on the order form your preference of color combinations or sizes on many styles. How flowers appear depend upon your specific choices.

4. Why no delivery on Fridays? Friday is a holy day in the UAE, and due to local customs our florists do not work on Fridays in observance of local customs.

5. Can I have same day delivery? Due to time differences we require at least 24 hours advance notice, with 48 being preferable. For major holidays at a week in advance is best.  You can type into the delivery date field "ASAP - Flexible"and florist will deliver at first opportunity.

6. Are there extra charges to be added onto my order? No, the price shown is the price you will be charged for the flowers. If there are special circumstances like an extra remote area that would require an additional delivery charge, we would notify you first for your approval.

7. What happens if no one is home, or I gave you a wrong address? The florist usually tries to call first (discreetly) to be sure the address is correct and someone will be home. For this reason phone numbers are very important. If there is no one home when they attempt delivery, they usually leave a note and try calling again later. Once they reach the recipient they arrange a mutually convenient time to have the flowers redelivered, many times the next day. The florist usually notifies us if there are any unusual problems so that we can contact you promptly for more information.

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