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Birthstones And Flowers of Each Month
Piedra del Horoscopo y La Flor del Mes
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Birthstone/Piedra: Garnet/Granate
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Dianthus caryophyllus / Carnation/Clavele
Flower Color/Color de flor: White/Blanco
Meaning/Significado: Pure and Deep Love, Good Luck, Women's Good Luck Gift,/Dulce y amorosa, inocencia, amor puro, regalo de mujer de buena suerte.
Birthstone/Piedra: Amethyst/Amatista
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Viola spp / Violet/Violeta
Flower Color /Color de flor: Violet/Violeta
Meaning/Significado: Modesty, Virtue, Faithfulness/Modestia, Lealdad
Birthstone/Piedra: Aquamarine/Aquamarina
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Narcissus psedonarcissus / Daffodil, Jonquil/Narciso
Flower Color/Color de flor: Yellow/Amarillo
Meaning/Significado: Love Me, Affection Returned, Desire, Sympathy, The Sun Shines When I'm With you, Desire For Affection Returned/Saludo, amor no requerido, eres lo unico, el sol brlla cuando estoy contigo
Birthstone/Piedra: Diamond/Diamante
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Lathyrus odoratus / Sweet pea/Ejote
Flower Color /Color de flor: Pink/Rosa
Meaning/Significado: Good-bye, Departure, Blissful Pleasure, Thank You For A Lovely Time/Adios, Salida, Grandioso placer, Gracias Por Tan Bello tiempo
Birthstone/Piedra: Emerald/Esmeralda
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Convallaria majalis / Lily-of-the-valley/Lilies De Valle
Flower Color /Color de flor: White/Blanco
Meaning/Significado: Sweetness, Tears Of The Virgin Mary, Return To Happiness, Humility, You've Made my Life Complete/Dulzura, lagrimas de la Virgen Maria, regreso a la felicidad, humildad, tu has acompletado mi vida.
Birthstone/Piedra: Pearl/Perla
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Rosa / Rose/Rosa
Flower Color /Color de flor: Red/Roja
Meaning/Significado Love, Respect, I Love You,Beauty Of Youth, A Heart Innocent Of Love/Amor, Respeto
Birthstone/Piedra: Ruby/Rubi'
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Deplhinium ajacis / Larkspur/Espuela
Flower Color /Color de flor: Pink/Rosa
Meaning/Significado: Fickleness/Voluble
Birthstone/Piedra: Peridot/Peridotita
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Gladiolas / Gladiolas/Gladioli
Flower Color /Color de flor: Yellow/Amarillo
Meaning/Significado: Give Me A Break, I'm Really Sincere, Flower Of The Gladiators/Soy Sincero, Flor de Los Gladiadores
Birthstone/Piedra: Sapphire/Zafiro
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Callistephus chiensis / Aster/A'ster
Flower Color /Color de flor: Purple/Morado
Meaning:/Significado: Symbol of Love, Daintiness/Symbolo de Amor, Delicadeza
Birthstone/Piedra: Opal/O'palo
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Calendula officinalis / Pot Marigold/Calendula
Flower Color /Color de flor: Orange/Naranja
Meaning/Significado: Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy, Sacred Affection/Crueldad, Pesar, Celos
Birthstone/Piedra: Topaz/Topacio
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Dendranthema morifolium / Chrysanthemum/Crisantemo
Flower Color /Color de flor: Yellow/Amarillo
Meaning/Significado: A Desolate Heart/Amor pasajero
Birthstone/Piedra: Turquoise/Turquesa
Flower Name (Botanical/Common): Narcisus tazetta / Paperwhite/Narciso
Flower Color /Color de flor: White/Blanco
Meaning/Significado: Formality, Stay As Sweet As You Are/permanece tan dulce como eres

cIf you want to learn more about the meaning of different flowers, see "The Language of Flowers".

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