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The below banners are available for you,  our link exchange partners to use to link through to our site.  This section is heavy with graphics and make take a few moments to load - therefore I have put a text description that you can read while loading occurs.

To save a banner, simply right click on the image and save to: your hard drive, A drive or other locations.


Small banners:

floramex Spanish & English banner8049 bytes, gif format. Red gradient to white background.



floramex green banner7965 bytes, gif format. Green gradient to white background.  

floramex purple banner8301 bytes, gif format. Purple gradient to white background. 



banner-blue 6629 bytes, gif format.Turquoise gradient to blue black ground.


Large, standard 480 x 60 banners:

floramex stargazer banner10,449 bytes, gif format. Green & pink w/stargazers. Text: Send flowers to and from Mexico & all Latin America. Floramex - Latin America's floral service. Envio flores para todo Mexico y Latino America.

floramex neon green banner7587 bytes, gif format. Neon green. Text: Fax machines,cellular phones, email -just don't compare to this communications device - Send flowers. Flower trivia, the meaning of different flowers, floral horoscopes and lots more.

floramex purple banner9641 bytes, gif format. Purple background w/yellow and green. Text: Send real flowers, FREE Virtual flowers, and lots of flower trivia. Envie flores frescas, flores virtuales gratis,e trivia de flores. 

floramex bi-lingual banner 15759 bytes, gif format. White background. Text: Send flowers worldwide. Envie flores a todo el mundo. click aqui!

banner 10557 bytes, flbnrylw2.gif. Yellow background. Text: Send flowers worldwide, Envie flores a todo el mundo. Send FREE virutal flowers. Click Aqui!



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