Map of Brazil - Mapa de Brasil

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flag-Brazil.gif (652 bytes) List of Brazilian States/Lista de los Estados de Brasil

1. Acre   2. Alagoas  3. Amapá  4. Amazonas  5. Bahia   6. Ceará  7. Distrito Federal
8. Espirito Santo  9. Goias  10. Maranhão  11. Mato Grosso  12. Mato Grosso do Sul
13. Minas Gerais  14. Parana  15. Paraíba  16. Pará  17. Pernambuco   18. Piaui 
19. Rio de Janeiro  20. Rio Grande do Norte  21. Rio Grande do Sul 

22. Rondonia  23. Roraima  24. Santa Catarina  25. Sergipe   26. São Paulo
27. Tocantins

Flag of Brazil: Flag of Brazil (2271 bytes)    Inside the blue sphere are the words "Ordem e Progresso", each star represents a state of the Republic. November 19 is national Flag day.

Official Language:  Portugese

Coat of Arms Coatarms-Brazil.gif (7090 bytes)  A five ray star with a round shield in the background features the Constellation of theSouthern Cross in the center and a sword below. On the right is a branch of a coffee tree and on the left tobacco. A badge over the word has the words "Republica Federativa do Brasil" under that on the right the words "15 de Novembro" and on the left "1889".

Brazil is a unique country that provides a wide variety of places to visit, tour and live. From the gorgeous sundrenched beaches of Ipanema, to the tropical jungles of the Amazon basin, to big city sophistication of Sao Paulo and a wide variety of business opportunities, Brazil is a fascinating and interesting country.

Brasil es el unico pais que provee un amplia variedad de lugares para visitar, trabajar o vivir. Desde una hermosa y famosa playa de Ipanema, a una jungla tropical de la region de las Amazonas, y a una grande y sostificada   Cd.como Sao Paulo donde hay una variedad de oportunidades de negocio, Brasil es un pais facinante e interesante.

Links to sites about Brazil:

Brazil- Background notes and general information from the U.S. State Department

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Free Photos of Brazil images,  Flora, fauna, sunsets, tropical jungle, etc.

Library of Congress Comprehensive Country Study - Book length, with tremendous information

National Geographic Satellite Map with major cities

Rio De Janeiro Visitor and Convention Bureau, general tourist information, calender of events, virtual tour, etc.

Sao Paolo Visitor and Convention Bureau, general tourist information, calender of events, city guide, etc.

Tamar Project for saving and protection of Sea Turtles in Brazil

World Wildlife Fund Brazil (in English and Portugese)

Yahoo Brazil


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