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Links to great sites about Mexico!    



Cancun Online - A great site with everything you need to know about visiting the Cancun and Mayan Riviera side of Mexico. Includes maps, where to eat, where to stay, what to do, covers Isla Mujeres and Cozumel too. Cancun vacation packages,  Save money with these great value Cancun vacation packages including hotel, airfare, weddings, golf scuba diving and sightseeing. Links to related sites.

Cancun Wedding Planning:      American operated company (established in 1992) helping couples to plan their wedding in Cancun. Lots of details on-line including legal documents required before arriving in Mexico for the wedding.

Puerto Vallarta

American School of Puerto Vallarta - Part of the American School system, the school in Puerto Vallarta is acclaimed for it's unique program, high educational standards, and active community participation  - this school has an active website of it's own.

INFO Puerto Vallarta - Information on Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico: accommodations, real estate, news and activities, travel holiday planning, art, music, theatre, courses, services - all the good things that make this city so extraordinary are here. - Great condos for rent, why stay in a hotel when you can stay in an oceanfront condo with all the amenities. Studios to penthouses, beautiful site with lots of Puerto Vallarta information. - Personal trainer Jim Stann will help you stay in shape while you are in Puerto Vallarta, from private out of the gym workouts to at your hotel to in the best workout place in Vallarta. Your choice, Jim will personalize to meet your needs. All details on line!

San Miguel de Allende

INFO San Miguel - Information on San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico: accommodations, real estate, news and activities, travel holiday planning, art, music, theatre, courses, services - all the good things that make the city so extraordinary are here.


American Schools of Mexico -  Excellent site about bi-lingual education in Mexico in the internationally reknowned American School system. Complete listing of where in Mexico each school is located.

Map of Mexico/Mapa de Mexico: click here for our Map of Mexico with a list of all 32 states. Click aqui para Mapa de Mexico con la lista de 32 estados en Mexico

Mexico City Hotels and Motels: a search engine for hotels and motels in Mexico City

Mexico Cruises - Cruise agency specializing in cruises to Mexico. Listing of specials, Mexico Ports, Mexico Destinations and related information about cruises. We only do Mexico Cruises!

Mexico Vacations and Travel Deals - Mexico all inclusive vacations, packages and hotels specials
URL: - Internet live radio show about Baja California, latest news from all around Mexico, general government information, and city guides to popular visitor areas.

Mexico Wedding Coordinator - Mexico beach weddings in Cancun, Cozumel, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Maya.

Shop Mexico Now - Shop Mexico for silver, jewelry, ceramics, leather, books, antiques, handcrafts, and more.

Mexico - Si-Mexico Hotel And Resort Travel Guide:  A guide to Grand Turismo, 5 and 4 Star Hotels and Resorts throughout Mexico. Featuring city information, maps, articles and online reservations. 

Todo de Mexico - German site about Mexico including a chat forum.
Mexico Business Magazine - An english language magazine about US/Mexico business. Great resource guide in every issue, and lots of interesting articles about different segments of business. Terrific resource list regarding NAFTA and the NAFTA marketplace.

 Living In Mexico - An interesting site covering quite a few areas in Mexico. Info. on rentals in tourist areas, real estate prices, a newsletter and lots more information on living in Mexico. In English only. - Information on rentals (vacation rentals or longterm rentals), buying property in Mexico, and what it takes to move to Mexico. Rentals and property for sale in the Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay area. Good photos of houses and property.



Fencing Club of Puerto Vallarta - Club Esgrima Vallarta: This active club has brought home more than 96 national and international medals.  In 2004 and  2005  students win the title of National Champion in Womens' Div. 1 Saber, and Men's Cadet Saber. Masters Charles Randall (saber) and Eugenio Davidson Rodriquez (epee) teach for free, and are themselves medal winning fencers. Site has all information, rankings, hours, where to meet, and welcomes visiting fencers who are on vacation. Floramex is proud to be a sponsor of Club Esgrima Vallarta.

The Fencing Federation of Mexico:  The official government fencing site with rankings, results, calendar - in Spanish.

BOOKS about Mexico and Mexican Music to purchase from

0385410956_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (2554 bytes)Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish  Our personal recommendation for learning Spanish. GREAT book, with logical, easy lessons. Starts you off with thousands of words that you didn't realize you already know in Spanish. Start speaking conversational Spanish quickly. Connect to and purchase right on line.



1562614320_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (6270 bytes)Live Well in Mexico : How to Relocate,...Live Well in Mexico: How to Relocate,... $12.76 a savings of 20% off the list price. This paperback give a good basic overview with details on how to relocate full or part-time to Mexico. Ken Luboff, the former head of John Muir Publications, discusses how to relocate - easily -and live a more relaxing lifestyle with greater luxury, for less than the basic cost of living in the U.S.


photo Luis Miguel's Romance CD cover     Romance    by Luis Miguel.  The first of Luis Miguel's outstanding Romance series CDs. A lush, gorgeous collection of classic Mexican love songs.  My husband and I were walking down a beach in Puerto Vallarta,  Mexico and stopped for a cold drink under a shady palapa. While sitting there everyone was humming along to this fabulous CD. Talk about mood setting - romantic, so romantic people both Mexican and Foreign tourists were getting up to slow dance by the ocean!   This is the CD that introduced us to Luis Miguel's beautiful singing voice and the first of  his popular Romance series cds. Highly recommended.

Photo of CD album cover     Me Estoy Enamorando     By Alejandro Fernandez.  Alejandro's velvety, yet powerful voice conveys with complete passion the true romance of the Spanish language lyrics. Working with music wiz Emilio Estefan the album is simply wonderful and romantic. The duet "En El Jardin" with Gloria Estefan is lovely, and each song is sung with appropriate emotion. Son of Mexico's reknowned singer Vicente Fernandez its wonderful to see his son has his own unique talent and style. Highly recommended.



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Title Line:  FloraMex - Mexico's Florist Network

Description: Mexico largest network of independent florists delivering  beautiful flowers to all 32 states in Mexico, not just large towns but small villages and pueblitos too. Spanish-English website with secure online ordering.

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